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A brief introduction of us

Shanghai shanzhuo Heavy Machine Co., Ltd.

Shanghai shan zhuo Heavy Machine Co., Ltd. is a leader in science and technology, the pursuit of excellence, specializes in large and medium-sized series of mining equipment manufacturers, the main production of Shanghai crusher, crusher equipment, mill, sand, equipment, fossil equipment, drying equipment, sand production line and other heavy machinery and equipment, mainly.

Company Culture

1、 the concept of corporate value: sunstone company is the interests of all staff community, career community and the community of destiny!

2、 business philosophy: Honesty, service-oriented, excellence, pro-symbiosis.

3、 service concept: Customer satisfaction is our value. Thanks to the trust of customers, respect the rights and interests of customers, care about customer needs, customer concerns, to achieve customer satisfaction and promote customer success. Sincere friendly, warm and thoughtful, relaxed and happy, considerate and inclusive. Intentions of service, honesty, professional excellence. First-class celebrities at home and abroad, East and West excellence charm glow! Specialization, standardization, refinement, affection.

4、 Teamwork concept: Affinity and co-operation in the struggle. Like eagle soaring soar, like geese as mutual voyage!

5、 quality philosophy: Today's quality is the market tomorrow, depending on the quality of the lives of enterprises..

6、 safety concept: Norms are, safety is the day, the site can top!

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